Erewhon Strawberry Crisp Cereal

• 10 oz. box

• 3-Pack (3 x 10 oz. box)
$5.36 per box - SAVE $1.00!

• 12-Pack (12 x 10 oz. box)
$4.98 per box - SAVE $8.50!

We take US grown organic brown rice and blend it with organic, gluten free corn for one great-tasting flake that is oven-toasted for crispy perfection. We then lightly sweeten the flakes and add slices of tasty strawberries to top off this delicious organic rice cereal. Enjoy by the bowl or sprinkled over yogurt.

Organic brown rice, Organic corn meal, Organic evaporated cane juice, Freeze dried strawberries, Sea salt, Natural flavor.

  • Certified Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Organic Ingredients
    Organic Ingredients
  • 14g of 100% whole grains
    14g of 100% whole grains