Sweet Home Farm Honey Nut Granola

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• 24 oz. carton

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• 8-Pack (8 x 24 oz. carton)
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We've combined delicately toasted whole grains with crunchy almonds and luscious honey to give you an enchanting start to your day.


Whole Rolled Oats, Milled Cane Sugar, Whole Rolled Wheat, Vegetable Oil (Canola And/Or Safflower And/Or Sunflower Oil), Coconut, Honey, Almonds, Molasses, Natural Flavor, Salt, Herb Blend (Sugar, Cardamom Seed, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek Seed, Nutmeg).

CONTAINS WHEAT, ALMONDS AND COCONUT. May contain other Tree Nuts and Soy.